Greetings from the corner of chaos and art. As you might have seen in my last post this site is under construction, but it doesn’t stop my hands from working. I have a quick update and an offer for you.

First, I’m rebuilding this site because it’s time to refresh and redesign things more in keeping with my writerly direction. More to come on that later.

I had all kind of plans last year, but when the world shook up a little we ended up moving like so many Americans, which took our logical, doable family schedule and smashed it into a million stained glass pieces. The pile of debris was quite vibrant and beautiful, but a pile nonetheless. However, Goodness still leads me forward and the ink still flows.

Earlier this year my short story, Inheritance, was publishsed in Ink’d Publishing’s first anthology. Working with Ink’d was a fabulous experience. If you’re a writer or reader of short stories, I encourage you to check them out. Hidden Villains is a great collection of tales, and one that will not only entertain you, but get you thinking…

Second…….Thanksgiving approaches. To celebrate, Welcome to Velvet, AZ is on sale for .99 November 1st-8th. The characters came to me a few years before the story did and lived in my head until I wrote them into the ficticious town of Velvet. WTVAZ is one of those that wrote itself, and I believe it came to fruition for such a time as this. It’s a tale about a town that gets visited by a curse every Thanksgiving. It’s about the power of words, and how deeply they affect the characters’ lives. Written from multiple points of view to explore the mystery from several different personality types, it’s a work of the heart. Unlike my previous works, it’s darker. To write truthfully, it had to be so (For more sensitive readers I would give it a PG 13 rating).

In the meantime, I’m working on a new novel. It’s taken me longer than usual to complete it, but it’s an incredibly fun story to write and I can’t wait to bring it to you. Think teenagers, the night sky, and a magical trunk.

I also have another short story in the works….more info to follow.

Take care of yourself and I’ll see you soon.

Magic in the Green Bean Aisle

She appeared in nearly every aisle we went. Cutting us off with a half-way “sorry” as the gray haired woman finagled her way in and out of the cracks between shopping carts and turkey hunting families, I came upon the last thread of my patience in the produce section. There she stood, blocking my way to the yellow peppers as she relaxed in front of them, meticulously sorting through the green beans. She carefully inspected them for imperfections before filling her bag. One. By. One.

The pressure inside me intensified, filling my ears with smoke. Pumping my heart to full beast mode. I’m sure this woman could sense the creature morphing beside her, but she was fully dedicated to her bean inspection. I could hear the warning siren going off in my head.

Assuming the woman experienced a season in her life where she had to balance 10 million things at once, I hoped she would have some grace and realize not everyone had time to wait for her to inspect the whole bin of green beans. Where’s the tolerance for imperfect produce?

But no, she either didn’t remember or didn’t care, because she just stood there with a colony of pilgrim descendants waiting for her to choose the perfect green beans. She turned aside once, trying to charm her way into our hearts by noting how cute my son was. My charm meter has been finely tuned to detect veiled manipulation, so I just clenched my teeth and waited.

Maybe the shopping frenzy from November through the end of December is the true Antichrist, I don’t know.

But in the midst of green bean #30, God stepped in line beside us. I don’t know that He said anything in particular, but laughter at the green bean situation suddenly bubbled up inside me.

Sometimes I need help laying stress down. Thankfully, God shows up in grocery stores and in the midst of our impossible schedules. I made a decision.

If my house isn’t clean enough, it’s because I’m looking at God’s magic.


If someone doesn’t approve of the way I do things, or don’t do things, I’ll just turn my head to look at His grace.


God’s magic is just one glance away from our distractions. I pray that God will pour His grace and loveliness into your holiday season.