I grew up surrounded by open land and clean sky in a small Arizona town. I had the privilege of witnessing the ebb and flow of nature with little distraction and lots of beauty. Most of my neighbors were skunks, coyotes, birds and many more of those desert-dwelling critters.

I attended college in Northern Az, and met my husband in the cafeteria in between classes. We decided we loved each other and loved our new town, so we stayed.

Headshot IWe expanded our family with two beautiful children and one brilliant dog. Family is first, so I post once a month or so. I’m most active on Instagram.

After completing two children’s books, I’m digging into a new genre. If you’re a fantasy fan, check out my bestselling YA novel Faith Seekers or my City of Light series. My newest book, Welcome to Velvet, AZ (a light horror story) is on Amazon and Walmart.com.

I’ve been published in The Wordsmith Journal Magazine, The Relevant Christian Magazine and as a guest blogger on Christian ebooks Today and Life Upside Down.

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  1. I just read a few of your posts. I really liked “America, Freedom, and Barbie.” You made some excellent points about today’s culture. I appreciate your dedication to your family. It shines through. :o) Thanks for sharing!

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