The Summer Files: Day 20

Summer is the threshold to the Realm of Childhood. I’ve stepped both feet inside—they dance a little in this place, and run a little faster than normal. At nighttime, when the crickets sing the Children to sleep, you can hear the neighborhood Canines speak of their young charges through the fence grating. Some yip excitedly. Some howl.

The clock tick-tocks to lively lunches in the Outside, where creatures of the Realm join us. The raccoons will steal bites of your salmon delicacies if you’re not watching closely. Yum-Yums taste magical in the Realm of Childhood, especially when created by little hands.

Before you know it, it’s time for the Children to play in the Forest of Cacti while I sit at my keyboard and weave my hands over the letters. Stories unfold into the arid air, but quickly fall into crumbles as the Noise Monster erupts. He like to stir up tempers, arguments and other devilish entertainment. He has kept me from finishing a very important project. I will put my foot down in exactly one hour, on threat of confiscating every one of his sugar-fueled temptations.

I must go now, as I hear his footsteps draw near. Happy Tuesday, friends.

Oh Joy

Soon, we’ll be going to Disneyland. We’re going to step out of our worn-out work shoes and slide into our fun shoes as we shed our adulthood for a few days of wonder.

We will eat jelly beans.

We will ride roller coasters, and when our kids’ smiles stretch farther than they ever have, ours will stretch with them, because we’ll be kids too.

We’ll laugh, becoming drunk on sugar and freedom.tinkerbell

Our toes will tingle with delight in the haunted house, because unlike the horror that comes out of the TV news channel at home, the Disney version has a happy ending.

What work phone?

The only high-pitched tone we’ll respond to will be the whistle on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

We will play,



All day, until the knots loosen their grips in our shoulders.

We will dine with a mermaid and embrace a mouse

And when we return to our house…

Our shoes will be wings once again.