So Busy, so Bored

Greetings from the Desert!

I suppose an update is in order! Writing? Yes! Parenting? Every moment!

Being a follower of all the things? Heck no!

I don’t know about you, but I’m experiencing extreme boredom from the excess of repetitive things (even though these are good things):

Superhero movies, and all the other remakes upon remakes.

Back stories on reality shows (because, after awhile we become numb to the overwhelm).

Newsletters. Because who has time to read them?

ShonEjai from Pixabay

It’s like everyone is afraid to take the road less traveled.

I deleted my own newsletter…I may refurbish it and throw it back up, but for now, I don’t even read most of the ones I’m subscribed to. I can only take in so much information before the brain quits retaining anything new (the new sameness). After feeling like every expert at everything was trying to program me to follow the formula, I dug my heels into the ground for awhile.

I AM working on a little something different, though, which I’ll bring to the blog. Just because I want to stretch my wings. It’s currently in the planning stages, and may be for a bit because we’ll be buying a house with my mom (multi-generational living, here we come), and I’m dreaming of more space to create. But it’s coming, friends.

How about you?

Is anyone out there who has something a little different to share with us? Please, for all good things, share it with us in the comments: links, photos, originality–whatever is uniquely you.

My daughter, the teenage creative wonder, may be assisting me in a huge project I hope to bring to you before long. It involves lots of messiness, random locations, and the best of all–it’s something very different that I think you will enjoy.

In the meantime, you can see me most active on Instagram (sherryrossmanauthor) and my facebook author page. I might even give a special ebook gift on Thursday. Just come back here and click on Welcome to Velvet, Az in the right column.

See you on the trail less traveled!