A Bouquet For You

The day after Thanksgiving, two tired men dropped five large bags of flowers behind my desk at work.

“We didn’t have many takers for these,” they said, departing for their flower shop as quickly as they had come.

The sight of those bags, those colorful blooms, illuminated the eyes of many. “Flowers for the taking,” I called over the radio, and to people passing by.rose

A retiree held up a wilted bouquet, and ran her fingers over the petals. “They’re on their last leg, just like me. I’ll take these.”

One ninety-something resident said she was the only one around who never received flowers from a loved one. She took two bouquets, smiling thanks-crinkles next to the shines of her eyes.

A few co-workers gathered some flowers for ailing aunts and wives…most took a bouquet for the chance to look at something lovely for a day or two.

One generous act blossomed into many, providing me with a little magic to work in that day. Giving is a great place to find God if He seems far away this Monday.

Art on my mind

Sometimes I think about it when I pass my empty easel in the garage.

It peeks at me speckled and lonely.

My first love stains empty water cups; burnt sienna, crimson and my cool favorites 100_1071that could paint a peacock for my kitchen.

Sometimes I see it in the patio cracks, concrete crumbles that could be faces, mountains. I could dream a little more or just sweep it away.

For a small moment, I join my kids with the sidewalk chalk and hope I haven’t become too rusty because someday, Someday, I would love to pick up my paintbrush again.

A shadow on the brick fence would look lovely in acrylic, but that will have to wait, so I’ll snap its image for my memory album.

The door that opened for me was one I ignored for so long, it had become dream camouflage. When I finally saw its loveliness, 100_3066I gave thanks and I’m holding it tight…

But I still think about that blank canvass in the garage, wondering what to do with a gift that, for now, waits in those in between places.

Is there something you love to do, but just can’t right now? I LOVE art, so feel free to share your gifts and post your (family friendly) links in the comments.