Pedaling Forward

Chloe just graduated to a new bike—a perfect infusion of pink and purple wonder-girl, just in time for spring. We didn’t realize how much she had grown until she laid down her old bike, replete with scratches and memories, and climbed onto her new one. What a difference! I thought her recent struggle to pedal was due to lack of riding, but no—she had moved into a new season of girlhood.

Off she cruised, uphill, over dirt and broken pavement; strong enough to handle itbike all despite the cold winter of insidedom. She was a little disappointed when her pristinely black tires arrived home coated in dirt, but was invigorated enough from her experience to let it go.

It seems to be a season of change for us, as well as for a few friends. Whether we think we’re ready to go forward or not, staying in our comfort zones may be more of a hindrance than we realize. In being called to the next step in our stories we may get a little dirty, but the experience can be spectacular.