The Magic of Words

I’m pretty sure the devil invented legalism, and suspect he’s behind many regulations of HOAs. “No, it doesn’t matter that you own your house, you can’t paint it blue. The house you slaved for isn’t about you, it’s about everyone else judging you.”

Or so it seems sometimes. Who decided that mud was a nice color for a housing development anyway?

Like I told you—it has to be the devil. Jealousy has inspired his influence. He didn’t get forgiven—we did. He can morph and change into any kind of beautiful shape—he can deceive countless numbers of people because of that, but us? We were made of mud (and offered an eternal home with The Sculptor Himself). That’s probably why he inspired someone to make mud the standard color of all southwestern houses. It’s his way of saying “in your face, mud-people.”

But pride gets everyone into trouble.

He’s done it with words too—even with the Christians. We can put violence into our books and movies, (mild) sensuality, conflicts of every kind. We can have fictional knights yielding otherworldly power from their swords, Nephilim dating humans, but there’s one word that many ban from the Christian scene.


I believe it’s because people automatically equate it with evil. But should we? Does the devil own this word?

I don’t know, to me, when someone “gives” a word to the devil, they’ve sacrificed to the wrong supernatural force. Become superstitious. And given Satan undeserved power.

Did we not add ain’t to the dictionary? We can command our words, friends!

We’re the stewards of God’s creation, not the slaves of Satan’s tricks, and correct me if I’m wrong, but most of us don’t speak devil.

I, for one, like the word magic. God is sovereign, and He’s done some pretty magical stuff, making that word most appropriate. So if you’re on the fence, let’s remember that God can work with anything thrown at Him. Even Joseph thought so when faced with the brothers who sold him into slavery:

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20

In a culture where fantasy is highly revered, the word magic can be used to save many lives. So be bold (drab is for conformity)!

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments.

Lessons from the Forbidden Realm

Are Smurfs evil? Yes, I really asked myself that question when a childhood friend wouldn’t watch the show with me. Her parents equated any kind of “magic” with evil, even good ol’ Papa Smurf.

I must admit, after her anti-magic proclamation, I felt a little “wrong” like maybe my desire to watch the Smurfs came from the dark side. Was I missing something? Was it okay to watch The Thundercats and She-Ra, or did those shows make me a bad Christian too?

I’m happy to report that I didn’t turn blue or grow up to think I should summon the forces of anything in the supernatural world but God.

Did I question things? Sure, who doesn’t?20150622_083638

Did those shows influence me? You bet. My talents are not as broad as some, but I do have a great imagination. Fantasy inspires me—I get it. You wouldn’t believe the thoughts that whirl around in my head, but I know who gave me this imagination—I know Who runs it all, therefore…

I can relate to people who like fantasy movies and books, whether it’s Christian or secular. Fantasy-minded people like metaphors, deeper thinking and don’t have trouble believing that angels exist and that we rub shoulders with the spiritual world every day. God is not confined to the box of human logic and we get that too.

So it disappoints me when the loudest critics of Christian fantasy, whether in movies or books, are not anti-Christian, but Christians themselves.

What are we supposed to do as Christians? Despite the messages displayed in front of us every day, life is not about what we deserve (Jesus fixed that). It’s not about judging others, chasing after worldly ambition, or spending the majority of our time living up to each others expectations. Mankind is not God (and for heaven’s sake, don’t change who you are for man—man did not design you).

So what does the real God say?

Here it is: He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15 (emphasis mine)

What is your corner of creation? Is it in medicine, ministry, grounds work?

You are uniquely made, given a unique language in which to speak to your corner of creation.

A lot of people who don’t know God, read, watch, and breathe fantasy, so wouldn’t it make sense for God to get through to them with people who speak their language? Or is your world more black and white? I don’t get that at all, but my husband is (technical) and I love him (loads the dishwasher likes it the great physics experiment) and appreciate his (he thinks math is fun) talents.

Let’s all accept each others differences, shall we? We are a tapestry—different threads, colors, shades—God’s artwork.

Trying to unravel it is not God’s design—that’s the influence of what some call dark magic.

Or Satan. Whatever.

Who are you, and what is your ministry? Tell us in the comments.