Dreamscape into God’s world

We are all given this tree


And it’s kind of nice the way it reaches toward heaven,

giving us breath and shade.

We go through the seasons and wonder, “What should I do with this gift?”


I could feed it with all the normal stuff and the sun will do the rest,

or I could get help because we all know that blessings sometimes feel like burdens…


 We could come together and paint some joy onto our allotted acre of this world…one brush stroke, one effort at a time.


What started out as a kids craft became a conversation with God.

He gives us canvases of many kinds.

Sometimes we just have to recognize that He works in many ways…not in the theoretical box that we tend to put Him in…

but in mystery, wonder and through the miracle of faith.

Do you have your own projects (family friendly) that you’d like to share? Post your links in the comments.