The Summer Files: Day 42

Creativity is found across the well of boredom where your hand and the hand of God meet for a shake. That’s why I didn’t sign my kids up for a single activity this summer (except for the summer movies–that’s how we Arizonans get out of the heat for a few hours). That, and to give them rest from their structured school year. Structure is good for a time, but there comes a point when a person has to leap into less-traveled places.

There’s a cultural norm that says the whine that follows, “I’m bored,” is a sickness we must remedy. But it’s not. When I let them cross this ravine on their own, the Children find the fountain of creativity (warning–this may take some time and some whine). This is where they learn to be self-starters instead of waiting for the Grown-Up Servant to bring entertainment to them. On a diamond bedazzled platter.

New and innovative vehicles get designed.

Monkeys are finally given birthday parties.

Canvases are currently being adorned.

I care nothing for continuously leading my kids in the worn paths of bedazzled leaders.
But a Supernatural Handshake–that’s where I’m pointing this summer.
Happy Wednesday, friends.

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