Call of the Jungle

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so pressed to work as I am this year. I won’t list all the titles and duties, because that doesn’t really matter. But the panorama of my project list has kept me dazing into its hypnotic eyes so much that I began to feel like Mowgli unknowingly being crushed in the grip of Kaa.

Deep into the night, I’ve gone over my list of have-to-get-dones, thinking about what I could shed from the stack; I’m not a workaholic by nature, and am careful not to turn into one—this is the child of the workaholic speaking—but it’s difficult navigating through this jungle. Gotta finish.

Sometimes you have to put down the tools anyway, because Kaa will eat you alive if you allow her to become your idol.


Our “fun” expert

So instead of preparing a blog ahead of time to avoid all those ugly editing blips, we took the kids to see Jungle Book, then come evening, I folded my daughter into my arms and we sat in front of the TV until her bedtime. On Sunday (blessed chair-sitting, holy-singing Sunday), the kids helped us with our grown-up chores, then we reveled in a bike ride. What’s better than the wind in your hair and God smiling upon your joy?

Don’t worry about getting lost in the wasteland—God made manna for those who rely on Him, not themselves.

I did learn something about the vital things you can miss when working too hard, but that’ll come next week.

Peace to you this Monday.

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