A Renaissance Life

The past few weeks have been about introducing our kids to culture at its best.

First, while Noah recovered from Pneumonia, I took Chloe to a few art galleries in downtown Prescott. We saw a lot of beautiful work, but we had two things to add to our Awesome List.

1. Years ago, we added to our personal art collection a print of an old man in the desert, holding a cat. Something about it just caught me when I bought it–well, we got to meet the artist, and tell him how much we’ve enjoyed his bit of story on our wall. Even though art is a career, it’s also personal; brave. So complimenting an artist on their work is to thank them for sharing part of their life with us.

2. Chloe discovered a whole new world when she saw a horse sculpture welded together from springs, knives, and various scraps of metal. Together, these bits and pieces made a breathtaking piece of art. It was a good reminder that we can take whatever we’re allotted in life and make something beautiful from it.20160227_134546

After Noah recovered enough to get out, we went to the Renaissance Festival. We basked in a day of mermaids, knights, and turkey legs. Besides watching my kid’s delighted faces, my favorite part was when an old man–had to be in his eighties–shuffled by us with his walker–and brand new set of elf ears.

Now that’s a man who has learned how to enjoy his life.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too. I’ll see you next Monday!

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