Hope Exists

Lately, it seems my blog goes out a little later each week. Like many others, our days are as lit up with as many colors of activity as those of the houses this time of year. My son is also going through some health issues–have you ever tried to determine if a young boy has food allergies? It’s about as elusive as spotting Rudolph’s nose in a sky of fiction. Except somewhere, in the midst of unpleasant tests and many head scratchings, there really is an answer.

The world is a little darker these days, and some of us look to the next president for hope, the next administration for support, but really, mankind doesn’t have control over the deepest part of hope. We might as well keep searching for Rudolph. But it is why we need to celebrate Christmas…not for the excessive activity and chocolate pies, but to remind ourselves there is always supernatural hope, even in the darkest of times. He already defeated darkness, we just tend to lose track of the True Light amid the crazy fray.

One of my many activities? Wake was released for pre-order. Here’s a little taste (not unlike how many are feeling today).

Wake Ad IDon’t forget, there’s much more to our days than just existing. See you next week.

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