Rolling with my Peeps

This past week was One Giant Explosion of Awesomeness. I’m still picking confetti out of my hair. Here’s what I learned:

Just because the Wildlife Biologist you’re with is carrying a giant can of bear mace, and the bear’s den has been has been flooded, does not mean you will encounter a large, angry bear. Phew! Research trip=success



Meeting really famous people can make me a little nervous, but Bill Myers is delightfully humble. And awesomely talented. He also shares my passion for giving YA Christians some good, relateable entertainment. Check out his latest project (and consider supporting) here.

Photo with Bill Meyers

Lastly, you really don’t need name tags at twenty-year high school reunions. We don’t look that different. But I’m still confused about the hot dog vendor watching us from the shadowy corner. Hmmm.

Class reunion photo

What’s on your calendar of events? Tell us in the comments.

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