The Post Thanksgiving Workout

How does a person find peace with the thousands of calories consumed at Thanksgiving?

How does a mother with sugar-possessed children cope?

Welcome to the Post-Thanksgiving Workout.


*Comfy clothes

*Two children ( If you don’t have any of your own, there is always a set of parents in need of a nap – Call me).

It’s always important to warm up first. You can accomplish this by mopping the gravy and sugar drips from my the kitchen floor.

1) Upper body. Grab the shortest child and lift. Do this 20 times.


2) Lower body. Simply walk through the room where two children are playing. They will automatically assume you are there for their entertainment and will attach themselves to you. Now walk. This will work your ENTIRE lower body.


3) Abs. Have the oldest child hold a piece of chocolate in front of you. Now crunch. With each crunch, have child hold chocolate farther away from your mouth.



Now repeat. And then eat the chocolate.

Happy Late Thanksgiving.

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