Journey of the Raccoon

I’m taking a week off to work on a special project… so I dug up one of my earlier experiments to post. I don’t consider myself a poet, but I wanted a quick story to go with an old painting I did. It was a lot of fun and for those of you who enjoy geocaching – you can find this raccoon scrambling around a forest somewhere.

I am the masked adventurer
sharp of claw and strong of heart.
Armed with ears and eyes so ready
for this journey, I depart

I make my way through glen and forest
full of trees and mystery.
I long to find the clear sweet truth
of our earthen history.

Glinting light through darkened branches
makes me think that I am near
though hills to climb and streams to cross
I must push away all fear.

I come upon a glassy pond
still and clear this balmy night.
I rinse my paws and wash my face
And spot three fishies, Oh delight!

Now refreshed, I must press on
for my journey to complete
before illusions and deceptions
find in me retreat.

What light! A glorious light100_1071
shining brightly in its tree.
I am drawn to this brilliant light
and it draws near to me.

I climb the branches humbly,
touch it to my whiskered face
this wondrous beacon of hope
now surrounds me; His embrace.

It was there, all this while
the answers without disguise.
I would have seen it sooner
had I pulled the mask from my own eyes.

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