My little girl is a fully loaded palette. On some days, she is mellow blue-violet, sitting at peace in front of her desk full of glitter and paper scraps. She hums sugar-sweet and creates art. Learning to be content is a beautiful thing indeed—this tells me my daughter likes who God made her to be. I thoroughly enjoy blue-violet Chloe—she fills our home with a lovely glow.

Very often, her rosy-pink lips spill out “I love you”—this is a wonderful contagion—but watch for that pea green bit of stinkerdom—she hisses when not getting her way. Pea Green Chloe is often found in time-outs.


Chloe doesn't need wind-she will make the wind.

RED CHLOE doesn’t need wind-she will make the wind.

challenging, for sure, but deep within the center of this fire is where I need to stay cool-azure, because a red poker meeting red coals can have explosive consequences.

What to do when she’s an overbearing ball of energy? The house cannot contain this splash of red, nor can the most patient of people—it’s a parent’s heart being tested. Something is trying to burst out of her when she’s this red—is it a need to create something big? Is it simply pent up energy? Is her cup brimming over?

Trying to control RED CHLOE fills her with bitterness, and dampens the thing that makes her shine. I think RED CHLOE needs a special kind of canvas, only we haven’t found it yet. Sometimes I send RED CHLOE outside to challenge the trampoline. In the warmer months, it takes a few miles of bike riding to calm the flames. Ballet helps.

Maybe this red streak is simply homeless passion. I guess that’s why parents are supposed to be shepherds rather than drill sergeants—so that we guide rather than extinguish their red-streaks.

Is this that thing in all of us that decides our future? We are God’s creation, and although we can be shaped by people/events in our lives, we ultimately choose this way or that way—maybe this is the difference between becoming the phoenix and those floundering in the ashes. What do you think?