ILLUME (City of Light Book 3)

Finally, Monet has secured food for her people—and the next pod which points to all they never knew about the world. But the new city that welcomed her team inside its borders is hiding a deadly secret—one that will turn their lives upside down and derail their final mission before they can even begin.
Legends and rumors come alive on Monet’s frantic journey north, making her question her identity and the powerful source that brought her this far.





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WILD (Book 2, City of Light),

“Do you still love me as you did?” His arms come around me, pulling me against him, and I see it on the horizon before us—the world—what will it do to us?
After escaping Titus, Monet and Luke join the rebels living on the fringe. The Colony is a haven for the artists and God-seekers who survived The Chasm, but as Monet soon discovers, freedom across the boundaries is interwoven with darkness. The

wounds from their city run deep, bringing Monet and Luke to question their bond. When a cataclysmic event threatens their existence, they must step into the unknown with an old enemy and work together to survive.






Wake (Book 1, City of Light), YA Dystopian Fiction.

Serve the community. Obey the laws. Exist on anxiety pills. This is all Monet, a ward of her city, can hope for until she and her friend, Luke, find an old book that shows the history of mankind–a past that’s been hidden from them and all the citizens of Titus. As their curiosity takes them down a dangerous path, extraordinary events begin to occur, showing them God may exist and is reaching out to them through illegal art and a realm of paranormal activity. Monet and Luke find themselves at a crossroads: live within the safe, logical confines of Titus, or embrace the wild truth and risk death.

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mythic-orbits-coverMythic Orbits 2016. I contributed to this anthology–a collection of short speculative fiction stories, published by Bear Publishing.

Fourteen of the best speculative fiction stories by Christian authors, spinning science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal genres into worlds of intrigue and delight.

Featuring Graxin by Kerry Nietz, author of Amish Vampires in Space and A Star Curiously Singing, Mythic Orbits 2016 has something for every speculative fiction fan.

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FaithSeekersCover2Faith Seekers reached Amazon’s Bestseller’s list for Christian Fantasy in May 2015. Rook Publishing has closed their doors, however, so Faith Seekers is currently looking for a new home.

She raised her head when she felt the warmth. A violet cloud poured into her hands and over her head. He spoke like water falling into a deep pool. “The sapling belongs to me.”

When Hannah’s family loses their home, she drops out of college and joins them as they take their RV on a journey through fractured America. Struggling with her loss of identity, she attempts to embrace her new life as a nomad until a California campground unveils a nightmare that only she can see. She questions her sanity as her family continues on their journey, and her unearthly visions increase.

Miguel, a young photographer traveling with his uncle, helps Hannah discover her true identity and the roles they will all play in unveiling the truth about the ever-present good and evil surrounding them. Join Hannah and Miguel as they try to piece together their broken hopes and dreams amidst looming darkness. Will Hannah find her faith, embrace the light, and trust in the God that she thought had abandoned


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The Guardians

The Guardians



The Guardians watch, help, and serve as warriors for the King of Kings. Most cannot see these mysterious angels, but Goodwin cat has been given this gift. Join him today as he shows how they work in the lives of his family and all children.

For kids 4 and up.




The Miracle of Rain

The Miracle of Rain


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Join Nora and Molly as they learn that their greatest fears can turn out to be their biggest blessings. 24 pages, free audio download in back of book.















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