What Is This Thing?

Is anyone tired of Shoppingmas season yet? I don’t understand how zombies, vampires and superheros can be so popular, so revered, and yet the only man with actual superpowers loses His holiday to a shopping frenzy. Sheesh.

I’m a bit tired of being sold-to this week, how about you? What I’ve really been enjoying is family. My family has been dwindling of late, but for Thanksgiving, my brother brought his girlfriend and her kids over to help celebrate–it was nice to have a few more people to make happy noises and eat turkey with.

We also discovered this.


It was mixed in with my Dad’s belongings. Once we finally realized how it went together, we were left wondering….what is it? I’m fascinated by this piece. Is it a cowboy relic? A simple family heirloom? A mystery that may have to be in my next book? Probably. There aren’t any manufacturer markings on it, and it’s obviously hand-carved. Want to take a guess?

I would love to know more about this, even if it’s just the time period. For whoever can clue me in on this (travel candle holder?) interesting contraption, will get a free copy of my next book, Wake.

Wakefront copy

Share, discuss, come back here. Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “What Is This Thing?

  1. Glad you had a nice time with the fam – how was the turkey?? 😉
    I am completely stumped by your Dad’s relic. I sent my dad the picture, and he really doesn’t know, but his best guess is maybe a nutcracker of some sort. (Although, you know my dad – he’s kind of nuts, so that could be why he guessed that…) Anyway, hope you find out!! 🙂

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