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Happy Monday! It’s time for a cataclysm. How do I get involved, you say? Read on.

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Together, We Can
By Nikole Hahn

There are only a few agencies who do online mission work: Global Media Outreach, GodRev, Jesus Central,, and Billy Graham. There are also cyber-missions training organizations located here. In twelve years of being a Christian, I had no idea of their existence. Global Media Outreach, for instance, has been an organization since 2004. Why didn’t we hear about it in church?

Technology is growing fast. Just the other day, Focus on the Family shared some stats on social media usage, and my first thought was, “If 144.8 billion emails are sent out every day and 900 million people are on Facebook, why isn’t the Gospel spreading faster? Why isn’t church becoming MORE relevant?”

A few problems have been observed:

1. No engagement. We’re apt to share things or post statuses rather than engage. Engagement over time translates into real life relationships with church, possible discipleships, Salvations, and/or a need met.
2. People are engrossed in distracting issues, like focusing on the Mark of the Beast rather than on reaching people for Christ.
3. Online passion is being misunderstood for anger.
4. People don’t verify an article before posting it online; thereby discrediting them as a viable source or friend.
5. A lot of Christian leaders online are building their brand or church, or trying to “sell” their blog or book rather than connecting with other Christians to come together to spread the Gospel.
6. We don’t have time for more than a two-second like. One writer accuses the social media world of being relationaly lazy.
7. Denomination separation. A person once approached me on the sidewalk and said, “Is this a Baptist church? I only go to Baptist churches.”

But the big one?

8. People base what they believe on what the internet says. In over eight years of being online, I have read many negative posts about church, and seen how some use negativity in the name of “authenticity,” to try to bring people back to church. A lot of positives are happening in the church, but you wouldn’t know it by looking online.

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In August, 2014, I created Cataclysm Missions International (CMI). CMI launched in January of this year. I am excited to build this organization. Cataclysm, by definition, means a great deluge. I want to bring the online world to church (traditional, small groups, or house church) and/or into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and the people in church online. This is a holistic ministry in which we seek to help people we don’t know through spiritual and physical means.

In other words, if one of our Online Social Media Missionaries finds out a family can’t pay a bill, that person contacts an organization in the unbelievers area and connects that family with another real-life Christian ministry who can continue to build relationships with the family in need. CMI is a friend to the unbeliever and seeks to unify the worldwide church on the essentials, using the blog as a way to educate and equip the everyday Christian to be better online.

Surprisingly, it is not America that is sending the most missionaries to the unreached people groups of the world. Back to Jerusalem reported that more people spent money in 2013 on clothing for dogs than they did on foreign missions. Granted, our economy is in a state of distress but that shouldn’t stop us from being a part of the living church in our own communities. CMI is designed to be inclusive to all classes through the use of social media.

The average person spends 6.75 hours online per month. CMI only asks that one hour a week would get spent using your social media in an engaging manner. It is CMI’s goal to mobilize every Christian to get proper training and to use their one social media account in a missional way.

Would you pray for our organization?

We need:

1: Writers (Former and Current – Missionaries, Ministry leaders, and pastors. 27 positions available).
2: Online Social Media Missionaries (People who work online to reach people online who are unbelievers, in cults or false religions, and who are hurting).
3: Community Volunteers (volunteers who are our hands and feet on the ground).

Please approach your pastor about us, and help us spread the word. Volunteer job descriptions are available on our website. If you have any questions, please email me at

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Meanwhile, would you also pray for me as I apply with WorldVenture, a missionary organization? I hope to help the regular Sunday church attender to realize that Matthew 28 applies to all of us, and we work better together. So whether Baptist or Lutheran, Missions Door missionary or WorldVenture missionary, please consider volunteering with us. Expand your influence and remind people that the church is a living, growing body of believers worldwide, not a building, and we need each other.

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