For Such a Time – A book Review

Good morning, friends,

Since good stories can have the power to change lives, I’ve decided to do an occasional book review on this blog. Happy, blessed reading!

For Such a Time caught me right away. Stella , Morty, and every other character crawled into the soft places of my heart, illustrating a fabulous parallel to the book of Esther.

I thought the idea to place the story in a World War II concentration camp was spot on. Every chapter began with a verse from the book of Esther which couldn’t have been more appropriate. Stella (Hadassah), secretary to a Kommandant of a concentration camp, struggles to keep her Jewish identity hidden, while fighting to help save her people. She faces impossible circumstances (much like Queen Esther), fearing for her life, her uncle’s life, while falling for the handsome Konmmandant, Aric.For such a time photo

Traumatized from her time in a concentration camp and losing loved ones to the horror of the holocaust, Stella loses faith in God. But a Bible mysteriously appears, and shows up at opportune times for her to consider not only the existence of God, but the possibility of a Savior as well. When she finally gets confirmation from God ,He tells her to do the unimaginable.

Kate Breslin does an extraordinary job weaving the story together and giving readers a great read and a reminder of the ultimate power and love of God. I give this book five stars.


I received this book from  Bethany House Publishers

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