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I knew a woman who hoarded meat. She survived The Great Depression only to focus on this one fear: What if it happens again?
Years ticked by with freezers full of food. Meat would go in fresh and come out spoiled.
Helpers had to regularly clean out her fridge to keep it from turning into a chilled box of decay.
She couldn’t help feeding her freezer for the what-if.
She must have felt the horror of need something crazy to stay so fiercely focused on its memory. She retired into a life of luxury without noticing all the grace – so strong were the fears that haunted her.
The food kept going in while housekeeping kept cleaning it out.
You could have fed many starving families with the fear of one woman.

A lady down the hall hoarded pillows. When she decided to move across the street I helped her pack. We filled wardrobe boxes full of feathery softness. She said she kept them for when her son came to visit.
One son, a mountain of comfort.
What made her so weary that she hoarded the tools of rest? I’ll never know but she couldn’t seem to find the comfort she so desperately craved. The money she paid to live in her resort-style apartment with her stacks of pillows would make a family of four sleep well at night.

A Princess will always be able to feel the pea.

Stress calls to all of us, leading


until that last moment when we finally realize we’re in a river full of sirens.

Distractions aren’t always pretty; they’re just powerful enough to keep us from

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From Wikipedia

living beyond their influence.

My daughter was given several beautiful dresses last year. She would wear them 24/7 if I let her. Ribbons, flounce and twirls make my princess, but she is never satisfied. She wants more. I told her new ones will come when she outgrows the ones she has, but she isn’t quite convinced yet. A trip to the store and she wants the latest and most expensive prettiest. We’ll be working on appreciation this year.

Sirens are dangerous. They keep people focused on their peas so much that they don’t notice the grace.

Here is a clip on sirens from O Brother, Where Art Thou.

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