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Beautiful brown eyes were always watching us to make a mistake. Eyes made bitter when a man of God screwed up. Whatever he did caused faith to slide out of her every pore.
Those eyes were always on those of us who walked with God.
Watching for those growing pains to overwhelm our belief.
Watching for reasons to keep living in her disbelief.
What do you do when status becomes an idol to those who know better? We are all sometimes like those that danced with the golden calf at Mt. Sinai. The bling gets put on a pedestal.
Some of the kids, who went to church on Sunday, drank to their own image on Friday nights.
“Forgive me, Lord, I’m just watching over my friends tonight.”100_2425
Those that stayed away from the outward crimes born from teen angst, often sat in judgment of those that dwelled in them.
So here we had eyes watching those that could never be perfect.
I don’t think we convinced brown eyes that God is still God.
This haunts me at times.
Seasons of maturity opens our eyes. We care less about status and all things muddy, but there are still those that keep their eyes pinned to holy backs.
How do you tell them that even though we swim through the same muddy pool, we have been saved from its mold?
That despite the dips and stumbles we take, the mud doesn’t cling because we have been redeemed…
that Love is tangible and they can have it too.
I want to take the time to pray for brown eyes and all those looking in the wrong direction for God… or those that are looking for permission to leave Him.
Life is not about me. Life is not about reputation, or the golden calf.
It’s about The Shepherd who goes in search of those lost in the mud.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14