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100_2337I smiled at God’s cleverness after I dropped Chloe off at school with thoughts filled with child-rearing, work and mopping of floors demanding my attention. After I urged my shy one to give acknowledgment to a staff member, she paused at the door as if filled with a revelation.“Mommy, Jesus says ‘Good Morning’, too.”
Sorry, Lord. Good morning to you and thank you for giving us this day. And thanks for hanging out with us.
He catches me when I think I’m too scatterbrained to hear His voice.
When I was in first grade, a teacher, famous for his creative discipline, decided that our class was too unruly and decided that push-ups were in order. Girls, of course, could do girl push-ups.
What? What was a girl pushup? And why are there push-ups just for girls? I looked around at some of my friends with knees bent. That looked so much easier. But something said to me, “Do what he thinks you can’t do.”
I proceeded to out (boy) push-up most of the kids in the class.
Thanks, God for this memory so I know to rely on you.
How many times do each of us leave the house in the morning, walking amidst cultural changes that could tear our country apart and wonder when the last time we saw the touch of God.
On a morning like this, a fluffy dog was on hind feet in the back of a pickup truck, taking in the fresh air with wind on his face like it was his last moment on earth. Pure joy flew from his truck straight into my car. This is why God made the dog. To show us how to live despite the dangers, despite the weather, we should live with Gods joy in front of it all.

When aching for guidance, don’t get buried in the status quo. God is most often in between thoughts, amidst the things we mistake for the ordinary. That’s when we learn that His glory is close enough to dance in.

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