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From up here, on top of America, an outsider may think we look all blingy and progressive.
We’ve abolished slavery (the kind you hear about, anyway), women have equal rights (mostly) and we love animals, trees, and organic food.
Unless you’re an unborn human, like to fly the flag without permission from your HOA, or question the validity of the media, you’re good to go.
And you must keep an open mind to everything to be considered cool…. which means you don’t have any definite standards or opinions, but that doesn’t matter, you just need to agree with whoever is the most offended.
And don’t mention the word, freedom – it just causes fights.
You also need to whiten your teeth, get some plastic surgery to look like either Ken or Barbie, be fit at all times and apply makeup to look like Barbie (who is plastic and soulless, by the way) because people will treat you better.100_2651
And those people who carry guns (in case crazy Ken and/or Barbie break into your house and threaten your family) are called uneducated, because instead of following the status quo (be “open minded”) they love their family over the possibility of offending the poor sap that may kill them.
And they’re violent. I mean we all know that inanimate objects purposefully kill people just like pencils are to blame for the actions of cheaters.
“All citizens, give up your pencils! Pens and crayons are OK, we know they won’t cheat on tests.”
Yep, we are progressing. I’m not sure where we’re progressing to…
Probably eviction.
That’s what happened to Adam and Eve when they quit listening to God.
Oh, yeah, that’s another thing you can’t say if you want to be taken seriously….God.
And Jesus.
Because we have progressed.
That apple looks pretty good because it leads to progression, then and now.
And what better way to progress than to listen to the advice of someone who makes it sounds so inviting, (Who cares if he’s a snake that talks?) like looking perfect, and keeping your opinions to yourself…and replacing the word, “murder” with the oh-so-fuzzy word, “choice.”
(I know someone who gives us true choice, and it will not destroy souls – it will save them)

In my senior year of high school, my English teacher liked to get us thinking beyond prom and popularity contests. He said that mankind would give their lives over to their own creation to such an extent that we would have to destroy it and start over.
Of course, we only hear what we want to hear, so someone else will have to destroy it for us.
And mentioning His name isn’t considered progressive, or educated, because He has definite standards that an “enlightened” culture has moved past.

But He’s my friend. And I have strong opinions concerning Him. And freedom.

God. God. God. God. God. God. God…….
Holy Ghost (caught you off guard with that one, didn’t I?)

Our country started off with beautiful roots. Perhaps we’re still here because deep down they still exist. Maybe we need to be reminded that education and wisdom are two different things.
Here are a few words from America’s beginning.

In the name of God, Amen… (http://www.ushistory.org/documents/mayflower.htm)

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