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“Budget” has to be one of the most boring words that exists, however, one thing that is truly amazing about this lack-luster word is those who live within its confines learn how to be creative. And unique. And awesome.
Ooh la la. Now that’s one of my favorite words. My daughters too.
It’s a clothing boutique nestled in historic downtown Prescott near the art district.
0_0_0_0_313_224_csupload_46655182All of those things in one place are like Christmas to me.

Ooh la la photo 1

Sisters in fashion

Elaine Vang and Ashleigh Quinn are the mother-daughter team who own this lovely shop that inspires me to dress how I should.
Fashionable & awesome; on a budget.
When you walk in the door, you will probably see the beautiful Katie Vang, Manager, who is also part of the family. She has been very gracious with my plethora of questions for this project!

In The Guardians, the character of Lucy (my beautiful daughter, Chloe) is wearing a dress straight from the racks of Ooh la la. I got it for the price of a happy meal.

Chloe modeling for me

Chloe modeling for me

Even my son, who is already showing tendencies towards manly-manliness likes to go for a visit. He is especially fond of the basket of toys provided for the children, sitting underneath the scarves (Until they look enticing enough to yank down…).

Ooh la la offers a variety of name-brand clothes that are new or nearly-new. Vintage jewelry (ladies), clothes (ladies and kids), bathrooms (kids and pregnant ladies, tee-hee), and a very nice dressing area with chairs for waiting (guys).

As you can see, even the famous come here!DrewOohLaLa

Many thanks to Ooh la la for being just right.

Today is the last day to get The Guardians for free (Normally $.99)!
Go get it at this link: http://amzn.to/Z3bcwP

For the book trailer, click here.

For the start of this series, go here.

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of a week with my community.