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When I needed inspiration for Goodwin, I knew that Beatriz Duran was the one to ask. She took the photographs of “Goodwin”, whose name in real life is Sophia.

Sofia. Photo credit: Beatriz Duran

Sofia. Photo credit: Beatriz Duran

She was living at Miss Kitty’s when Bea worked there as a volunteer.
When she sent me the photo, I know she would serve as the model for Goodwin.

I’m talking with Bea today about her work:

Bea, Your love for animals comes through your work so beautifully – how do you capture their personalities so well on film? Is there a process you use to get BeaBlogPhotothem camera-ready?
Thank you! But I must admit it’s not all that easy. I guess I have a lot of patience especially when it comes to animals. I envision a scene and know I want the image to look a certain way. So I work with the animal and there are many trials & errors. Some animals are very camera shy, like some people, so I have to think of what might work with that particular animal and go from there. My cat and best friend Gabriel, was the best model I have ever worked with. He was patient, and worked with me. He never ceased to amaze me with his modeling skills. It’s as though he knew what I envisioned and worked to help me produce such an image. He was by far my favorite subject matter to photograph. I learned a lot about animal portraiture from him, that cat always had a lesson to teach.

In my book, my main character, Goodwin, is much more than a family pet – he has an extraordinary ability. As an advocate for animals, how would you tell people that animals are much more than just pets?
I view animals and humans as equals. I don’t believe they are our pets, they’re our family. We can learn so much from animals. If more people realized that and treated them with respect, as they do us, I think society would much happier. I treat them the way I treat people. I don’t believe there is a separation between people and animals. They make my life more enjoyable, simply just by being themselves. They’re free and pure and I admire them for that. We have so much to learn from them.

What inspired you to combine photography and jewelry-making?
Well when I was younger my brother and I would make all sorts of jewelry every summer before school would start. So I’ve always admired jewelry, and been influenced by the more obscure designs; and I’ve been interested in photography since I was very young. As time went on and I learned a little more about each medium I discovered that I like them both when they’re combined. Two of my most beloved pieces of jewelry were bought at thrift and antique stores. One is an image of a family etched into metal. The other is of the Victorian era of an elderly man; it’s a tiny photo of a bearded man’s head encased between two pieces of glass. It has a beautiful golden frame. What I love about those pieces is the unknown story behind the images and knowing that those people must have really meant something to someone, enough to have them immortalized in a piece of jewelry. That’s what I like to create, anonymous stories within a wearable piece of jewelry.

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is the ring you made with a photo of my children’s faces. Tell us about your jewelry. Do you still do custom work, and does that include photo jewelry of pets as well?
My jewelry is a combination of my photographs and designs. I’ve finally combined the two things I love the most, photography and jewelry. I like to create wearable art and I’m able to do so by combining photographic images with jewelry. Yes I’m still taking custom orders. I’ve recently had a friend of mine ask me to design a piece of her and her beloved dog whom recently passed away. I take these orders very seriously as I know they’re very meaningful works of memorial art. These types of pieces are keepsakes, and I know mean a lot to the customer so I take great pride in the effort and detail that goes into each piece.

BeaArtForBLogYou are a woman of many talents and have such a passion for animals; do you have any more projects on the drawing board?
Oh I always have many projects scurrying around my head. I have many “idea notebooks” lying around that are full of ideas. It just takes me so long to accomplish any of those projects. I don’t know what it is, but it takes me ages to produce new work. I really need to find a way to use my time more wisely so I can accomplish more. I’m the type of person that can’t sit still too long, or take a day off. I feel like I’m wasting my time, when there’s so much to do. So keep an eye out for new photographic images and jewelry designs.


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