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What would best represent the illustrations inspired by my community? As I was

The Guardians

The Guardians

planning the photo shoot for the street scene, I was still minus the cover. A friend suggested Hotel Vendome. Of course. It was rooted in Prescott’s history and still had a heartbeat.

A fabulous vintage one.

And rumors of some haunted ones…

Owners Eric and Stephanie Marichal graciously allowed me to bring in some models to shoot photos for the cover scene. We stepped from the shop next door (coming on friday) onto the same veranda that has welcomed generations of visitors; some famous, some that have long since gone, but have left vestiges of their stay.

Today, Stephanie talks to us about the famous Hotel Vendome.

Hotel Vendome is beautiful – can you give us a brief history of the building?Vendome Front 1

The Vendome was built in 1917 as a hotel with 31 rooms and 16 bathrooms. It has been maintained as a hotel ever since. In the early eighties a remodel was done giving every room a private bathroom, now we have 20 rooms. The hotel is supposedly haunted by a ghost named Abby and her cat Noble, in room 16.

What originally inspired you to go into the Hotel Business?

We were more inspired by the building itself and the potential we felt it had as a piece of history and a business. We have been updating it over the last two years, to retain the historical look but add some modern amenities as well.

What is the best thing about meeting travelers on a regular basis?

s and eMy husband Eric and I are both avid travelers so we love to hear peoples travel stories, where they are from, and help them truly enjoy all of the great things about Prescott.

Why do you think draws people to stay in historic hotels?

Things can be cookie cutter at the bigger chains, so staying in a place that is nearly 100 years old, holds more character and charm is why we attract so many people.

I understand a cat used to reside here. What can you tell us about his story?

Noble is our ghost cat. He lived in Room 16 with Abby in the 1920’s. She had 3 (3)tuberculosis and sent her husband out to get her medication and he never returned. So sadly, Abby locked herself in the room starving herself and poor Noble. They are friendly ghosts and Noble had been known to snuggle up in bed with guests of Room 16.


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