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My name is Goodwin, and I have been sent to join the family of Lucy and Daniel. I met them at an animal shelter a year ago, and we have been the best of friends ever since. As a cat who can see Guardians, I understand how much the King loves children. I see this love every day. Each day is full of extraordinary things whether you see them or not. Let me take you on a day with my family and I will show you…” -The Guardians

How awesome is a community that supports a house full of otherwise homeless kitties. Miss Kitty’s Cat House is the place where Goodwin (aka Sophia) lived. When I needed a model for Goodwin, one of the volunteers at Miss Kitty’s (we’ll be hearing from her later on) knew the perfect kitty for my story.

Miss Kitty’s is a non profit, no-kill cat rescue operation. They house kitties in need  in beautiful downtown Prescott. Volunteers and Donations make it happen.

That’s love.

I’m talking to Bonnie N. today, Manager of Miss Kitties, who gives her time and her heart to the kitties of Prescott.

Bonnie, I love the idea of giving homeless kitties a lovely house to live in – how and when did the idea for Miss Kitty’s originate?

We are a small non-profit, NO- KILL cat rescue and adoption facility, solely operated by volunteers and donations. We are the ONLY
no kill facility in Prescott, AZ . We have about 20 adult cats that live and play at the house until they are adopted, however long it may take. We believe they deserve MissKitty'sForBlogto find their forever home.
Since we started on August 1, 2002, Miss Kitty’s Cat House volunteers have rescued and found homes for almost 3,600 cats and kittens. This allows us to continue our efforts of reducing the pet overpopulation and rescuing and finding good homes for our cute little creatures.

Has Sofia (inspiration for ‘Goodwin”) been adopted?
Oh, yes, Sophia has been adopted by a wonderful family!

Tell us about Petfinder.
Petfinder is a wonderful on line resource where you can find your perfect pet in the comforts of your own home!

G1In my book, Goodwin cat has an extraordinary ability – have you witnessed anything extraordinary or worth a mention about a cat(s) in your experience?
Oh yes, for sure! I like to foster adult cats from the house who need extra TLC. Recently, I fostered an adult male who seemed depressed. Within a few weeks of living with us, he did a turn around and could return to the house. What a great feeling!
Talk about the need that exists with homeless cats. What can we do to get involved?
I think the biggest need is educating people about the importance of getting their pets spayed and neutered. There are low cost spay/neuter clinics available to everyone.

Check out yesterday’s post to see what’s going on with The Guardians this coming week. See you tomorrow!

P.S. I’m feeling generous…there may be a giveaway in the air!