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Fear is a monster. So much that I want children to learn how to send it back into the shadows where it belongs.

One of the great moments of life is when a child grows up to learn that their biggest fantasies turn out to be truths, such as guardian angels.

Knowing that there are warriors at your side, fighting the fear monster is as

The Guardians

The Guardians

comforting as curling up in a fuzzy blanket, knitted by the hands of those that raised you.

Along with our families and the angels, there are our communities. They are also the shapers of our lives.

When I was in the beginning stages of planning the illustrations for this book, I wanted the concept to be like that blanket around your arms on a cold day. I wanted to honor those that helped inspire the ideas behind the images that complete the story.

My own village graciously provided all that I needed.

I invite you to visit my blog this week, for a series on the Prescott community that is featured within the pages of The Guardians.

John Donne got it right when he said, no man is an island.

There is not a single thing created by man that is by his inspiration alone.

So welcome. Step into this chapter on my community….