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I’m going to jump into that gigantic pile of leaves. I’m a grown up. The neighbors may see me but I don’t care.
I consider a possible injury. I feel nimble….

What if I land with a crash strong enough to collapse Jack’s beanstalk and the leaves mushroom over the house…someone will think there has been an explosion and call 911.
Although, If I land with enough grace I may just burrow underneath that pile and take a nap there, in the land of childhood dreams.

I may get hurt and have to explain to my coworkers that I landed wrong in my giant leaf pile….. of course, I could tell them I’m doing research for a new book.

I could go back inside and vacuum up cracker crumbs like the mom that I am.

What would Jesus do?

I’m going to jump.
I run with His laughter on my back and I am five-years-old again.
For just one moment, I … can …fly…

The landing is so sweet as I slide into a silly autumn that stuffs my clothes full of leaves. I’m itchy and joyful as I roll over to smile up at the Son.100_2596

Find some joy today and leap into something He would smile upon.

Oh, yes I did. Admit it – you have wanted to jump into a giant leaf pile, or eat a pie face-first, or something to feel like a kid again.
Leave your confession in the comments. =)

P.S. Want to live in a fantasyland? Guess what – you already are. The Guardians are all around us and are more involved than most people realize…
Check out my new book as Goodwin talks to children about the angels that watch over them. Fear is running rampant in this world, but we only have to remember one thing…