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Every morning, on the way to Chloe’s school, we pass a piece of America’s history. Framed in a coat of rust, this old ford truck embraces the road with more endurance than the present state of man.
Thanking the One who sends me guideposts in such a way that I get it, I take a deep breath and peek at my two little ones in the back seat. We have come so far in the way of safety; car seats in the back, airbags a crunch away only to be encased in flimsy walls.
The more I think of it, the more my mind goes to this old truck that has outlasted many modern cars, so much that the rust struggles to overcome that which was built on a sturdy foundation.
If I were to frame our cultures ideal vehicle today, it would wither away under all the bling before I could get past its pretty face.

The devil dresses himself in bling and our country has failed to see past it.

Chloe bursts into a praise song while little Noah does his best to follow along. There has never been such a sweet sound as this…

I catch my breath as the fall colors bathe the town in amber light, so much so that the storm headed our nations way falls into the shadows of fallen leaves.

There wouldn’t be signs such as these if there wasn’t hope.

What do we do while we watch and wonder what happens next?

We remember Him who walked with simple fisherman and the outcasts of society to bring light into this world. Let’s peel away the bling the world is painted in so that if our nation drowns, it will be in His Mercy.

There is no greater foundation than He.

Any thoughts on the state of our culture today? Are we heading towards the fate of The Beach? Tell us your ideas in the comments section.