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Have you ever met an enemy that was intangible? To fight something that you can’t touch takes a whole new way of understanding.

Charlie fought his enemy with a very unusual weapon…

The match light threatened to die out as Charlie made his way around the last turn. The walls of the cave were slick; trails of red ochre chased each other down to the puddles that crawled beneath his boots. Heavy from the effort of hiking in murky air, Charlie spotted a boulder inside the next room and released a strained breath.

“Just a rock to climb, that’s all, one foot in front of the other.”

With one more glance behind him, he hoisted himself up and lay down across the cool surface.
Drip. Red fury ran down his shoulder and found the match.
Darkness engulfed the cavern and brought with it terrors that raced around his neck and pervaded the room.
In an instant, he was standing on the boulder, grasping for the knife strapped to his leg. Waving wildly, he tried to cut through the ghostly spirits that spewed puffs of hate around him until he realized that what could stop flesh and blood could not stop spirits of death.
Sitting down on the boulder, Charlie gathered his breath and focused on the only light that could chase away the darkness.
Out of his mouth came not words of reckoning but a soft melody. Images of the old stone chapel from childhood played in his mind as an old hymn painted the cavern in peace. The heaviness that was wrapped around Charlie lifted.
Above the boulder, a shaft of light filled the cavern, and in the glory of his Lord, Charlie found his way out of the darkness.

How many times do we read through extraordinary, yet miss the weapon that brings victory?

Joshua led his people to victory with some marching and the sound of trumpets (Joshua 6)

Jehoshaphat led Judah and Jerusalem to victory by marching into battle with music (2 Chronicles 20).

Jonah was freed from the great fish by praising God (Jonah 2).

What Haunts You?

“For now, set within the earthly realm, we have music to give us a preview, a foretaste of glory divine. Music is a precious gift from God, planted in the grounds of our souls, then liberated by our lips to return to its heavenly home.
God will always make a way and one of the clearest and straightest roads to Him is the music He gives us.” David Jeremiah, My Heart’s Desire.

Only an awesome God would design us with a built-in weapon.

If you have a victorious story to share, please write it in the comments; there is always an opportunity for encouragement there.