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I was starting to resent my to-do list. It sat on the counter in bright pink so I would see it before I decided on the cereal of the day. No matter how much I accomplished, it just kept growing longer and more demanding. Clean this. Write that. Make this call. Work more. And do it all well and on time. *sigh*

I surveyed the dishes left from the night before and the toys scattered from room to room. Noah cast his blue eyes on me and I made a decision. After taking Chloe to school we headed for the lake.

I stepped out of the car and into verdant tranquility. The noise of duty was silenced by creation; green brushstrokes, the color of life and the cool breath of peace upon my face.

Noah, singing in his stroller was a joy to push through the hills and dips, loping along underneath the arms of the forest. Fresh air and the fluttery-winged serenade found its way inside and pushed out the relentless demands and distractions of the world.

And in our walk we left the world behind and found His joy.
And I knew the dish-filled sink and the work piled on my desk did not need my attention today.
But I did need His grace today.
And generously He gave.

Feeling overwhelmed? Remember this:

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings…..(Psalm 17: 8)