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My stomach had been in knots for days – I thought I was fighting a virus that was going around work. And then, after dropping my sweet little girl off for her first day of Kindergarten, I realized that I was sick with anxiety; memories both pleasant and humiliating flooded my core as I fought the urge to chase after her and declare myself a homeschooling mom.

Am I really that much of a mess? No, I realized as teary-eyed parents, both mothers and fathers, lined up with cameras and brave smiles as we blew kisses at our treasures being escorted into a strange building by strange people. Strangers! Only a parent can understand what a big step this is in, well, letting go.

What do you think of when you see an old picture of your school days (and by old, I don’t mean old)? A montage of friends, sesame street lunchboxes, talent shows….bullies.

I think of all the things Chloe will face and pray more fervently than I have since I journeyed through my last trial.

And then I remembered my journey. Being the skinny kid in class, I was challenged by would-be bullies who thought I would be an easy target. They didn’t know that a life with rough and tumble boys and shunning girl push-ups had turned my bony fists and inner self into fire. The challenges made me stronger.

Adversity is the scariest friend we can’t live without.

Of course, there are so many highlights like the friends I made who are still my friends…learning what I’m good at (and not), and that mom’s presence is always there, even if it’s in the giant Oreo cookie that sits beneath the Big Bird lid.

A tree will grow much taller in the wild than it will under perfect conditions. Why? Because it has to face many challenges that make the tree taller and the roots deeper.

If my little one will grow stronger and dig deeper into His creation, than who am I to worry? She will thrive with her new adventure, and I will learn to let God manage where I can’t.

Pin this on your wall if you are hesitant to take that next step:

A storm is not an enemy to the tree but an opportunity. The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree will grow until it is firmly rooted into His splendid creation.


Here is a link to an article about a true warrior of mothers, Abigail Adams, who encouraged her son to travel overseas, despite his misgivings. At that time, traveling overseas could mean years away, and the risks so very high. Her willingness to let him go and grow, paid off.

He became the 6th President of the United States: http://www.familytales.org/dbDisplay.php?id=ltr_aba1746

Are you teetering on the edge – about to take a leap of faith? I want to hear about it! Share, vent ,or just comment to share your story.