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When I was little, I read Swiss Family Robinson with my Mom. I began to fantasize about living in a tree house and having ostrich races with family and friends, far away from traditional living.

Books surpassed any joy that a toy could bring.

The first time I read about autumn as being an alternative for the word, fall, I saw trees in a new light. They went from warm, holiday trees to fires of celebration. One word had the power to change my way of thinking.

I still think about what kind of tree house I would build if we were ever to join the fate of the Robinson family. =)

Like a tattoo on the heart, early reading can impress things on a child that will imbed ideas and inspiration throughout their lifetime.

Author Mukkove Johnson has come up with a wonderful way to teach children how to experience the Easter holiday without letting the things of this world get in the way.

Easter baskets? Jelly Beans?

Commercialism is no match for Mukkove.

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Mukkove, let me just say that I love your book! You are doing something essential for children by teaching them to see Jesus in common Easter items, such as jelly beans. What gave you the idea?

Thank you Sherry! I’m not sure where I got the idea. Maybe as a middle school youth leader I picked it up, that’s where I first remember using the concept. If you can take an everyday object and tie an impactful message with to it, it will be reinforced on a regular basis. Jesus used the things around him to teach the people who were following him. His parables are full of normal everyday things for the time he was living. I don’t think he really intended it to be any harder for us to teach those around us. For me that is mainly my children.

After you wrote this and your earlier book, Christmas is about Jesus, do you find yourself finding Jesus in common day-to-day items?

I think it’s sort of the way I already saw things. God shows himself in many things, teaches me through everyday things all the time, well when I’m paying attention anyway. For the books it was a combination of things I easily saw Jesus in and then things I saw around the holiday so I thought of a way it could remind us of Jesus.

You live in Alaska where there is so much uncongested land – do you find it easier to connect with the Lord where man has made fewer impressions on creation?

The beauty of His creation here is certainly inspiring. However I am very guilty of falling into the busyness trap and not always giving Him the time and priority He deserves. Seeing the mountains is a great reminder of how great He is, they seem to say “Time to slow down and put things in order – again.”

Do you have any more books in the works?

I have many ideas for books. I think the next I’ll pursue publishing will be another devotional, more interactive on the children’s part. There will be places to draw or write. My idea is to take them through a routine to learn to spend time with God on their own.

Do your own kids inspire you with book ideas?

Very much so, Sherry. I want to write things that are useful to them. My kids have some stories they have made up, seen in dreams, even some ways they have seen God’s truth in everyday things. I want to turn those into books, or parts of books, also.

Give us your heart – why should our readers get your book?

I see my books as tools to give families a starting place to teach their children what they believe. They help to build a common vocabulary, a common starting place, and hopefully the habit of communication. It’s important for our children to evaluate ideas that are presented to them, especially by our culture. I hope that by showing ways things can remind us of Jesus they will see they don’t always have to buy the message they are given. God can use all things for our good, even commercialized holidays if we look at it from the right perspective.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Sherry. Thank you to everyone who read along.

Blessings in Jesus,

Mukkove Johnson



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