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Every day, the darkness in this world tries to paint us into the shadows. Our world glorifies darkness by filling our daily news with more devastation than hope. Hollywood glorifies it by accusing people of faith of being uneducated without recognizing the shadows they have deposited inside their own minds. Kids film themselves doing acts of violence just to get attention – they are dying for validation, yet can’t see through the haze well enough to find the One who did that for them.

Even those of us that know Him can feel overwhelmed by the dark.

It’s time for us to unite, as a community of faith, to wipe away the mud that gets slapped across our vision every day.  God is in all things he created, from a miracle to a single star beyond our field of vision. How do we teach ourselves and our precious children to recognize Him in creation, music, and the beautiful rhythm of life, so that when the darkness tries to blind us we have the one and only thing that will chase it away?

I invite you to join the conversation – meet me here once a week for a unique glimpse into this temporary world we inhabit. God will not be drowned out by our culture – if He doesn’t use you, he will use someone else. Do you feel the tug? Tell me your story as I tell you mine.

If at any time, you wish to guest post, or have a book, cd, or other such ministry (relevant to the Christian faith) reviewed, email me at: sherry@sherryrossman.com. This is a call to action for all who have an encouraging, true story.